Why Are We Hesitant On Professional Photography Services?

If someone were to ask you if you have had professional photographs taken of yourself in the last year what would your answer be? Would that answer change if they had asked within the last 3 years or 5 years? Professional photography seems to be an ever dying industry because of the rise of more accessible technology. While selfies and family photos taken with cell phones are super fun, easily accessible, and cheap, I know there are other underlying factors that mentally pump the breaks every time we hear or consider hiring professional photographers.

As a business owner I found myself asking things like, "Why is this industry dying?" and "Why would people NOT want to have their photos professionally taken?" I explored these questions as a working mom rather than a business woman and came up with a few interesting answers.

When I have more time....

My time is stretched seriously thin. I barely have time to breath, eat, sleep, enjoy the things I want to plus invest time into communicating with someone to take my pictures.

When I have more money...

Bills, groceries, things I want and need around my house and I have to save for emergencies; I can't let go of any extra cash.

When I look better...

I need to lose 20 lbs. My chin looks weird in anything other than a selfie. I don't looks as good as I did 10 years ago.

These are all things I have told myself! Maybe they sound familiar to you too. But then I started thinking about something deeper. The reason I would tell myself all of these things is because I don't trust anyone to take my photo other than myself. In truth, I know the little things I could change about myself, would someone else also change them? On the other hand, I know the big things that took me years to love about myself, would they capture it correctly?

Changing My Mindset

Trust is something that we seem to hold on to as tight as we can in this day and age. We always seem to have a wall up, and take our time getting to know someone or are weary of connecting with them. There are different types of photography serve different purposes (more to come of that) but I know that I want my daughter to have gorgeous prints of us on her wall from when she was a child, and carry that memory and photograph onto her children and her grandchildren.

I also considered that my excuses are all temporary things, while a physical print of myself is potentially forever. I know that we are all mortal and while we die, we leave things behind. A beautiful print of myself is something I want to carry on as part of my legacy.

Now that I realize why this is so important to me, how do I get past these temporary things and work toward hiring a professional photographer? I myself have to make the effort to connect with a photographer, to reach out and get to know someone enough to trust them photographing me. Most of the temporary excuses could be worked around depending on how flexible the photographer. Mindset makes a difference. As long as I let those things stop me and convince me to not move forward they will. The type of lasting photo session isn't built in a day. I want to feel as gorgeous as I look, and I know I can't open up to a complete stranger 5 minutes after we've met.

I build my business on this concept as well. Building business relationships and striving for clients to look and feel their best in safe environment. I would hope to find that with another photographer that I can get to know and trust.

One of my goals this year is to have at least 1 family photo session taken by someone else, and I hope that grows into a family photo session every year. To help them build their business and watch how my family grows over time. I hope my perspectives make you question whats stopping you from hiring professional photographer services. Next time when someone asks you when the last time you had professional photos taken you can say proudly "just recently" and show off your photographs with pride.


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